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 User Story Workshops

The User Story workshops begin with the theory and background on the concept of User Stories – The most popular and useful Agile requirements capturing technique.

User stories are an Agile way of handling customer requirements without having to elaborate formalized requirement documents and without having the corresponding administrative overload in the managing and maintaining of them.

AgileBear runs User Story writing workshops to allow your colleagues to better be able to make use of this technique and to avoid some common pitfalls.


  1. Agile Recap
  2. Theory of User Stories
  3. Agile Estimating and Planning in Brief
  4. LUNCH
  5. User Story Creation – Case Study
  6. Real Life User Story Creation
  7. Retrospective

We will run through the theory of User Stories, how they work and then we will develop a case study and apply this learning on the clients real projects. This is most useful as a supplementary course, combining with other offerings from our training portfolio.

This workshop embeds the principles of feedback and collaboration within the attendees through both classroom and exercise driven content.

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