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 Scrum Dragon

Enabling new start up organisations to thrive in an ever changing business world.

The need to deliver value quickly is essential in the start up world. Scrum allows us to reduce risk, release business value early, increase visibility and embrace change throughout our delivery cycle. However, obtaining the funding to be able to effectively use Scrum can be difficult – and do we want to risk our entire new venture on someone’s understanding of a book or wikipedia?

AgileBear has launched ScrumDragon to solve this conundrum. We will trade world leading Agile and Scrum Training, Coaching and consulting for capital in your new organisation. We most definitely will put our money where our mouth is! We will put together a bespoke programme for you that we believe can help take you to hyper performance and give your products the best chance in the marketplace. All without out any investment of any of your vulnerable cash flow.

Contact us for more details on our ScrumDragon programme.


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