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 Lean Workshops

Duration: ONEDAY

Lean techniques consider the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful. We use the famous “Seven forms of Waste” (Muda) to analyze your companies processes and practices to enable you to become more lean and agile.

AgileBear runs Lean Workshops to train your own people to begin to recognise these wastes in your business and start to aggressively remove them.


  • Agile Recap
  • Lean theory – Eliminate Waste
  • How Lean and Scrum are related
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • Session – create your own Value stream analysis
  • The remainder of Lean including:
    – Amplify Learning and Empower the Team
    – Deliver as Fast as Possible
    – Build integrity In and See the Whole
    – Retrospective

The Lean Workshops exist to allow us to help understand and investigate what is truly waste in an organisation and eliminate it. AgileBear utilises the elimination of waste practices to ensure your organisation is as slim as possible. These workshops can be utilised at a more strategic level then the other courses and can be more appropriate for middle and senior management.

By utilising these Lean principles, we can guarantee that we are keeping our organisation agile and this will ensure we maximise the performance of our Scrum teams.

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