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 Agile Coaching Sessions


Our Coaching capability (subject to availability) is a per day, in team engagement, helping you improve your practices and techniques within the lifecycle of your projects themselves.

AgileBear will draw on its decade of experience in this area to allow you to transform to a high productive state – whilst minimizing the risk of the change itself. These sessions include high level strategy and facilitation of Scrum events.

Typical Coaching Actions (1/2)

  • Retrospective of current position
  • Value Stream Analysis of current delivery experience
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Creating Agile Transformation Team
  • Leading and organising change programme including
    creating Agile Transformation Backlog
  • In team coaching. (User Story Workshops, how to
    structure a backlog, using Burndown charts)
  • Direction on technical methods

Typical Coaching Actions (2/2)

  • Pairing with Senior Management
  • Setting up Scrum of Scrums
  • Providing proactive direction and advice
    throughout the Agile adoption
  • Facilitating Retrospectives
  • Facilitating Release and Sprint planning
  • Information Radiators and Scrum Boards
  • Leading Self Directed Work teams
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